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Food & Beverage


The SeaGate Convention Centre maintains an exclusive on-site food and beverage contractor for all concession services in the SeaGate Convention Centre. They will operate concession stands in the exhibit halls when estimated attendance is sufficient, for most all events. They will operate concession stands during move-in periods if sufficient exhibitors are present. The SeaGate Convention Centre will not allow outside food or beverages to be carried into or sold at the Centre. An exception to this rule is the sale or sampling of food by show exhibitors. Examples include:

  • Sale: If an exhibitor in their normal course of business sells a food product, and if that product is appropriate to that particular show, and they have a city vendors license, then the product may be sold in a package intended for off-premise consumption and with a minimum retail price of $8.00.
  • Sampling: All samples must relate to the primary product of the exhibitor and must be of sample size (2 oz. toothpick portion).

These are general guidelines only. Each item must be pre-approved by the Event Coordinator/food & beverage operator prior to sale or sampling.


The SeaGate Convention Centre maintains an exclusive on-site contractor for all food & beverage (catering services). Whether your event requires a small continental breakfast or a full catered meal service for groups of 2 - 3,000, SeaGate Centre will service all your catering needs. Their expertise and award-winning cuisine will make your event a successful and memorable occasion. Please contact our Food & Beverage Department at (419) 321-5038.


ABout avi foodsystems

AVI is the exclusive Food and Beverage vendor of the SeaGate Convention Centre.  Founded in 1960, AVI has rapidly become the largest independently owned and operated food service company in the United States.  AVI's mission has been to provide their customer with the highest quality, most innovative, imaginative food service programs and products in the industry....each program tailored to the individual needs of their customers.  

  • Our concentration is upon being the best food service provider in the industry, not the biggest.  We focus upon the quality of products we produce rather than the number of products.  
  • We dedicate ourselves to excellence not only in product and service, but in relationships.  Our clients, customers, team members and vendors are the reason we exist.  After all is said and done, we are more about people than we are about food. 
  • In an effort to provide the most competitive, reasonable, and fair price for our product, we concentrate on productivity and resource efficiency.  The rewards from what we do are not based upon the gross value of what we produce as much as they are on the value of the individual product we produce.  Value stems from concentrating upon excellence in every single product.  
  • We fully understand and appreciate what our customers want and need.  Yet, we will merely exist if we deliver only what they want or need.  To thrive, we must offer unanticipated values, which means we have to give our customers and guests more than they expect.  
  • We must be consistent in purpose, in product, in presentation, in attitude and in our value of the individual.