SeaGate Convention Centre
Upcoming Event
Toledo Reptile Show
Saturday, July 3, 202110:00 AM - 3:00 PM



$3,000.00 per hall (25,000 Square Feet)
$500.00 Box office fee
$2.00 Facility fee on top of face value of ticket (paid by patron or promoter)
3.5% Credit card fees (SeaGate Box Office and all outlets)


40' x 60' stage (if available)
One corded microphone
Sound feed
Arena seating

  • 100% rental costs and insurance required with signed contract.
  • Deposit must be paid with a Credit Card, Company Check or Bank Check.
  • Sales tax will be charged to all items except rental of halls and meeting rooms, electric, tickets and parking.
  • Must submit written confirmation from the talent stating that they are the promoter of the act in question.
  • Additional items not specified in contract will be approved by promoter and billed at prevailing rates as printed on "Labor, Services, and Equipment Price List" and payable upon invoicing.
  • Promoter will COMP 20 house seats for SeaGate Centre in first 1/3 of hall.
  • Promoter paid @ settlement by wire transfer on next business day.
  • SeaGate Centre will hold up to 30 house trouble seats per event.
  • If ticket revenue does not cover cost of event services, promoter will be required to cover anticipated expenses one week prior to event.
  • There will be a fee for novelties. Novelties are handled by SeaGate Centre.  
  • Security plan must be determined by SeaGate Management.
  • Ticket information must be available two weeks before sale date.
Please contact Carol DuPuis @ 419-321-5021.